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Sample Financial Planning Meeting Agenda

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Financial Planning Meeting Agenda

Initial Meeting:

We'll give you an overview of the financial planning process.

Then we'll tell you what we do, which is: Conduct discovery, generate reports, make and present financial plans, implementation, manage investment portfolios, monitoring and review your case as time goes on.

We'll discuss confidentiality so you'll know everything you tell us is a secret.

Then we'll tell you how we do everything.

We coordinate with other financial advisors (see a sample visual aid).

Then we use the best state of the art comprehensive and integrated financial planning software.

We'll discuss how we get paid: Financial compensation plus referrals.

Prospect qualifying: Review of balance sheet and/or tax returns (Fact Finder Part I or In-Person Fact Finder).

We show you a sample financial plan so you can see what you'll get.

It has explanation of the benefits, historical investment portfolio returns and yields, and review of the Cost Benefit Ratio.

Then you can talk all you want to about things like what do you want to hire us to do for you.

Then we'll engage by executing written and agreements, and give you our SEC Form ADV and Fee-based contracts to sign.

Then we'll set up the next appointment.

Information about making a financial plan meeting agenda.

Second Meeting:

Collect financial data needed to input into financial plan software.

Start with Fact Finder Part II to get to know you.

Use Fact Finder Part III to organize and gather detailed investment data if needed.

Discuss and set your goals, priorities, visions, assumptions, and objectives.

An interim meeting may be set up to confirm data input into financial plan software. This can also be done by mailing preliminary reports.

Set next appointment.

Third Meeting:

Return original documents.

Discuss any changes from last appointment.

Present the financial plan reports.

Recommend other resources to read.

Coordinate with other advisors.

Clarify and confirm client goals and objectives.

Clarify and confirm Current version numbers.

Clarify and confirm planning rate assumptions.

Discuss preliminary Proposed version concepts.

Discuss any unresolved planning issues or objectives.

Calculate required minimum income distributions of qualified plans.

Re-allocate investments using general asset allocation guidelines and portfolio optimization.

Review titling of assets to ensure proper estate distribution.

Review life insurance holdings to ensure proper estate distribution.

Implement financial plans: Set timetables for things that can't be implemented on the spot.

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